Carmen Valley Real Estate is a full-service brokerage company with the main office located in Los Angeles, California. We provide consultancy and professional services in connection with buying and selling any type of property, property management, lending issues, appraisal, and property documentation. Our service is anchored on our mission of providing affordable housing for young professionals. 

We believe that housing is for everybody. It is quite challenging for young professionals to invest in a property because of different reasons. This is the purpose of the company- we make it easier for them to find cheap housing, guiding them in all the processes of buying/selling transactions.  We have extensive listings from all over the country, making property hunting easier than ever. 

If you like to sell a property, we will employ the help of technology for advertising. This guarantees that your property will reach the most number of market audiences. 

For more than six years, our satisfied clients who trusted us in finding a property as an investment are now enjoying the fruits of our quality services. They acquired their property in a stress-free and profitable manner, all while they focus on other important matters like their families and businesses. 

Carmen Valley Real Estate was founded by best buddies George Harrington and Clint Rojas. Both of them are real estate experts. They combine their skills, talents, and unselfish devotion to work to give their clients the best service that they can offer. Finally, finding a house especially for the yuppies don’t need to be time-consuming and complicated.