When to Say Goodbye to Your Real Estate Agent

Choosing the right realtor is not easy. When you choose the wrong agent, the appalling consequence will be for you to waste time and money as your property will stay long in the market or will be valued less than its full market potential.  

Here are some of the red flags that tell you your agent is not doing his job well. 

1. Very Poor Communicator

It’s very understandable if you really get pissed off with your agent because he doesn’t communicate with you as much as he should. A concerned agent will set aside a time to update you at least twice a week. He will return your call or text you back if he missed your call. If you don’t hear anything from him for weeks, it’s a sign that he takes the job less seriously. 

2. Not Working for Your Interest

There’s nothing unethical for agents to get more money from doing their job well. But sometimes, some agents would devise schemes to get more from you without you realizing it. Some agents will collaborate with home builders to give you a higher price quote for doing major repairs, only to find out that some of the money you will pay for the repair will go directly to your agent’s pocket. This situation is very infuriating.

3. Not Knowledgeable About the Market

As an agent, you trust him to know most of the information necessary to sell the house fast. One concern that prevents him from doing that is his cluelessness about the real estate market as a whole. A salesman who appears not knowledgeable about what he is selling will most likely not get any positive feedback. You want your agent to be the expert on the property, the neighborhood, and all the processes involved in selling it.  If his knowledge about all these is limited, start looking for a new agent. 

4. Bad Marketing

Do you wonder why your house still sits on the market for too long now? It might be because your agent is not doing marketing correctly. Marketing doesn’t stop after he puts your house on the MLS and just wait for inquiries. Marketing is maximizing all possible platforms to reach the most target market. He should initiate all measures to get your property noticed by prospective clients. A good agent know how to market and sell a lot of Fort Lauderdale waterfront homes.

  1. Unethical Behavior 

There are instances when your agent behaves contrary to Realtor Code of Ethics. Bad behaviors under this code should not be tolerated and can be reported to The National Association of Realtors.